Update Your Style by Wearing Stylish Lacoste Polo Shirt

The fascination for wearing stylish clothes is increasing among the urban men and women. It is true that costume plays an important role in making you beautiful and smart. When it comes to men’s shopping, you can find a number of options. There is a wide variety of costumes designed for men.

Whether you want a corporate look, party look or a casual look, you can easily get that by wearing the right costume for the right purpose. Selecting the right dress for the right occasion is very crucial. There are a number of designer shirts that can give you a cool and smart look. Among them, Lacoste Polo Shirts are quite popular among the people. From polo players, tennis players, golfers to common people, Lacoste polo shirt is a hot favorite among them. This shirt is designed with high quality fabrics and provides comfort.

Many golfers, polo players and tennis players love to wear Lacoste polo shirts. There are a number of people in the world who are crazy about these shirts. These shirts can add style to your personality thereby increasing your beauty and attractiveness. This polo t-shirt became popular after the name of a renowned tennis player, professional, ambitious visionary and casual fashion czar. Rene Lacoste is one of the reputed and well-known names in the sports world. Lacoste shirt is one of the best t-shirt brands. Rene Lacoste used to wear a specially designed shirt (white in color).

It became so popular that sports lover as well as the sportsperson started wearing it. Rene Lacoste wore this shirt in 1926’s US Open Tennis Championship and won the trophy. Lacoste was not comfortable in wearing the white-buttoned, uncomfortable long-sleeved shirts worn by most of the tennis players then.

Rene decided to design something stylish and comfortable. Lacoste polo shirts, the symbol of sportswear style, were then created. Loosely-knit cotton, white Lacoste Polo Shirts featured longer tails and open and flat collars. They are stylish and attractive in appearance. You can get a very charming and sophisticated look by wearing this stylish sportswear.

It has become difficult for many of us to roam around to buy a favorite thing. Online shopping is a great idea. It can ease your problem. It allows people to sit at the comfort of their home and shop. You can get varieties of options through this type of marketing. You can compare the price, color, design. Moreover, online shopping also offers better bargaining opportunity.

In case, you are not able to step into the stores and buy your favorite Lacoste polo shirt, you can definitely go for online shopping. There are a number of stores to offer this type of fashionable sportswear. Before selecting one, make it sure that it is reputed and reliable. Also, check whether they offer authentic items or not. You can read the reviews and comments of the people from the internet to have a better idea. It will help you to take the right decision.

Ralph Lauren – A Short Biography of a Famous American Fashion Designer

Ralph Lauren is known is being the most famous and successful American clothing designer. Ralph Lauren was actually born Ralph Lifshitz in 1939 in the Bronx, New York in a working class neighborhood. He was the youngest of four brothers. His father was a house painter. Lifshitz became interested in fashion in the 7th grade. At the young age of 12 he was one of the best dressed boys in his school, spending most of the money he earned at part-time jobs on expensive clothes. When he attended DeWitt Clinton High School in New York he worked in department stores in New York. After going into the army following high school in 1962-1964 Lauren continued to work in department stores such as Brooks Brothers selling ties and studied business at night. In mid-1950s Ralph Lifshitz changed his last name and became Ralph Lauren.

In 1967 while working at A. Rivetz & Co Ralph Lauren started to design his own ties. While never receiving formal education to be a fashion designer, Lauren had always had an excellent eye for fashion since childhood. What he did during this time was considered outrageous: While the style of that era had been for thin black ties, Lauren designed a wide tie with flashy and bright colors. A year later with a $50,000 loan Ralph Lauren launched his own product line for menswear called Polo Fashion. He picked this name with his older brother as it symbolized prestige and high class. Polo clothing combined the English preppy-look with American strength.

In the years that followed Ralph Lauren went on to design clothing lines for women and children. In 1971 Lauren set up his first store on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California. A retailing genius, Lauren expanded to 116 Polo Ralph Lauren stores in the United States, stores in London, Paris and Shanghai, and 1,600 department store boutiques. By the 1980s Lauren opened 62 factory outlets in the United States selling damaged and previous-season clothing at discounts. In 1986 Lauren converted the Rhinelander Mansion in New York to a mega-boutique. It was called the “Best boutique in America, and probably the world” by John Fairchild of Women’s Wear Daily. By the 1990s, Lauren had designed product lines for men’s and women’s scents, cosmetics, and home decoration, including bedding, towels, furniture, curtains, carpets and kitchenware. In 1997 Ralph Lauren became the best-selling fashion designer in the world with customer spending over $5 billion.

Currently having homes on Fifth Avenue Manhattan and in Colorado and Jamaica and owning a ’29 Bentley, a ’37 Alfa Romeo, ’38 Bugatti ’62 Ferrari, Ralph Lauren has lived the life of high-class, adventure and prestige that he portrays in his clothing lines. Lauren’s global success has largely been thanks to his natural gift for fashion design, understanding and setting trends, creativity and his exceptional eye for elegance, style and detail, which he shares with the world through his famous Polo Ralph Lauren product lines.

Ralph Lauren Fashions

If you live on planet Earth, then you’ve likely heard of the name Ralph Lauren. But how much do you really know about his fashion empire?

Interestingly, before there was renowned fashion designer Ralph Lauren, there was Ralph Lipschitz. At the age of 16 years old, Ralph’s brother legally changed his family’s name from Lipschitz, to Lauren. Mr. Lipschitz grew up in a working-class neighborhood located in the Bronx (New York City, USA). During his youth, Lipschitz worked in various department stores located in New York City. While selling neckties at Brooks Brothers, Ralph began studying business at night school.

During this time, Ralph had also begun to create creating his own line of neckties. His wide, colorful neckties were a true fashion statement, as “stylish” neckties at that time were narrow and dark. Lauren’s neckties blended the sporty look of the affluent East-Coast of America, with British nobility.

The next year, Ralph created his first line of “Polo” menswear in 1968. Ironically, while America had rejected the aristocratic social structure of the UK, it wanted to create an aura of that same class-based society.

Then one year later, Ralph Lauren created his first line of women’s wear. There were four distinct lifestyle groups: Classics, Country, Active, and Collection.

In 1972, what would eventually become the signature piece of Ralph Lauren fashions was revealed: the mesh sport shirt. The shirt was available in a rainbow of colors. Today, that same timeless shirt is available in clothing stores throughout the world. When you think of Ralph Lauren Polo, the image of that mesh sport shirt is often the first one that pops into your head.

Throughout the years, Lauren has experimented with different looks and themes. These have included Southwestern and Safari themes.

He has also expanded the range of products that his company offers. Eyewear was introduced in 1974. Polo Boyswear and fragrances for men and women were first sold in 1978. Then four years later in 1984, Polo footwear was first available in stores. A varied Polo home collection was then introduced in 1983. Today, decorating products available under the Polo name include towels, silverware, drapes, bedding and rugs. You can even purchase Ralph Lauren potpourri! Today, there are Polo products ranging from scarves to jewelry, and from luggage to leather goods.

However, Ralph Lauren’s primary objective has remained to create the quintessential American look, through the clothing he designs. He created the costumes for two major films in the 1970s: “The Great Gatsby” (1973), and “Annie Hall” (1978). Ralph Lauren’s goal isn’t to produce “fashion” per se. Instead, his mission is to create clothes that could be described as “timeless classics.” Such clothing doesn’t go out-of-style from one fashion season to the next.

Some critics have argued that Ralph Lauren has blurred the distinction between the fantasy of living the life of the rich and famous, with the more mundane existence of everyday life. Nonetheless, Ralph Lauren’s net worth (2010) was listed in “Forbes” magazine, as $4.6 billion USD. So it’s apparent that more than a few people have bought into that vision!

Be Hip and in Style Everyday With Lacoste Polo

Fashion is not only about wearing expensive clothes or going along to what is famous at the time for the population. It is more about self-image, confidence, and comfort. The way you dress tells a lot about your personality, preferences, and even emotional mood at the moment, making your fashion the reflection of yourself. Thus, in building up the right fashion for your positive image, you must select quality clothing lines to give you that pleasant atmosphere along with comfortable feeling.

In line with the subject of choosing what to wear, certain brands of clothing are deemed most effective to your concern including those with superior quality in its materials, excellent durability for its makeup, and satisfying aesthetic image for its design. One particular brand that appeals most to these various categories is the Lacoste polo offering each man excellent combination of style, comfort, and value for their fashion satisfaction. This is likewise the reason why more and more men at present are looking for Lacoste for their fashion concern.

More than mere Polo

Lacoste is viewed by many as the epitome of fashion development at present. Embedded in each fits stitches and threads are excellent creation of quality, comfort and design giving each men at present value for their investment and superior characteristic for their fashion image. Developed based on continuous pursuit for achieving the best clothing line for comfort and quality for the sophisticated and fashionable population at the present time, Lacoste polo has everything you will ever need.

The fashion design of Lacoste is made to highlight not only the dress but also the person wearing it, creating focus for your body and not merely stealing it away. Considering the nature of fashion, the image should be the person and not the dress alone, that is why Lacoste polo is always based on the foundation of simplicity and working towards becoming more than it. This is why, Lacoste polo are not meant to become the centre of attention but instead an enhancement for your image and self-confidence.

Lacoste polo also has wide spectrum of offering for your comfort including the various fitting design to match every physique there is in the society. For you as the interested consumer, Lacoste polo has a variety of designs which cater to each of your comfort interest such as classic fit, retro fit, modern fit, slim fit and others. There are also different kinds of Lacoste polo for various occasions of venues such as casual wear requiring basic t-shirt, long sleeve, sport shirts, and others satisfyingly catering to each of your necessities. There is also wide spectrum of colours to choose from highlighting your personal choice for your attire.

Indeed, Lacoste polo is your complete fashion necessity putting both the highest value of comfort and design to your outfit. Wearing this shirt, you would effectively carry in you the look of a sophisticated image, comfortable feel, and positive aura boosting up your confidence and self-image. With Lacoste polo, you will always be hip and never out of style.

Polo Shirts Sale Guide – Choose Your Own Shirt

Polo shirts are perennial favorites for casual and formal wear that lets you go out in fashion while maintaining comfort no matter what your activities may be. This flexible all-time apparel will definitely make your fashion sense a little more elegant with new designs and style for men and women. There are great choices for adults and kids designed and manufactured by leading apparel and clothing authorities.

Ralph Lauren is one of the most esteemed and established name in the polo manufacturing industry and has even set the trend for this clothing line. Hence, you would definitely get a wide array of new designs available with plunging price rates to perfectly fit your budget. Get exciting deals especially with the women’s polo shirts with pocket design in different arrays of color choices. This fashionable deal is perfect for women who are always on the go but still want to retain their chic and feminine look.

Under the same outstanding manufacturer also comes the men’s polo shirt collection which you could avail in super deals. From classic, stripe to pique variations, you also get fashionable wear for men as well as high quality and comfort. You will surely love the 100% cotton fabrics made for breathable cotton mesh and the ribbed knit cuffs and collars in most designs that made this apparel perfect for formal and casual occasions.

Get sophisticated and classic with Tommy Hilfiger polo shirts which are not only available in various designs and color but also made reachable for even the tightest budget. You could still enjoy the all-time favorite variations of this apparel figure in stripe, pique and trim fit types that suit your preferences and fashion. Most importantly, you are 100% sure that you get authentic and 100% comfort and high quality with every apparel you choose.

If you want trendy fashion with a twist of exciting prints and colors, you would certainly love the Nautica polo shirt collection. This apparel set is carefully crafted with the best and classic soft materials for utmost convenience and breathable wear. Moreover, the customized designs and features are made to fit your own fashion statement and preference. High quality is definitely equivocal to this brand with its embroidered details and flexibility for all occasions.

Other outstanding brands for polo shirts you could avail with discounted and super saving features include equally reliable and highly esteemed names such as Ed Hardy and dress polos. Search the web for online retailers to get the best deals that will surely fit your budget today. You will discover interesting and irresistible offers on brands and shirts from polo outlet stores and eBay. Most importantly, you get bonus features such as secure payment and free shipping from different suppliers with high quality products and apparels you are searching for.

It is truly high time that you invest on your clothing apparel especially on ones which are classic and fashionable at the same time. With the best collections of polo shirts sale today, finding the best packages and deals is just within your reach.

Expert’s Guide in Finding Cheap Lacoste Polos For Your Fashion Needs

At present, fashion is the one thing most people are concerned of. Each individual wants to be hip and in style with society through pursuing items that are aesthetically acceptable, boosting up the person’s self-confidence. Likewise, fashion reflects one’s image and personality, wherein what a person wears depicts his or her social status, emotion, and self image. Of course, you would want to wear something that would likewise make you look good and feel good.

This is the reason why most fashion enthusiasts at present prefer wearing branded clothes as these are the ones offering good quality in terms of material, durability, and even fashion value. One particular branded clothing product preferred by many is the Lacoste polo which possesses suave style, comfort, and fashion design that would surely put character in your outfit. Due also to this characteristic, Lacoste polo could somewhat be expensive in nature for many, making the fashion pursuit for this product a challenge.

Not if you know where to find cheap but genuine Lacoste polo.

Looking through Your Options

Retail prices for Lacoste are considerably expensive for many. This is because these prices carry in them various expenses that are significant to your interest such as marketing costs for endorsements and advertisement. There is also the price tag addition brought along by the retail store selling the product and the travel cost in its delivery line. Though some of these factors are inevitable in nature, you can still cut some costs in your Lacoste polo purchase through avoiding them, like finding deals in buying products in manufacturing price or directly from factories. However, this approach often requires some influence to conduct.

Another place to look out for in buying your Lacoste polo is through the internet where numerous services and companies are selling this product in much cheaper prices. These services often buy their merchandise in bulk enabling them to gain discounts on their purchase enabling to likewise sell their products in lower prices than retail. In selecting though the online service for your purchase, be wary of the credibility and authenticity of their products to ensure that you are getting genuine Lacoste polo and not cheap imitations for your money. Look into the background and gain feed back of the company before closing a purchase deal with them.

When buying Lacoste polo, remember also to check for various retail offerings to gain some discounts on your purchase. Promotional campaigns such as markdown sales and anniversary are often what to look out for. Even though these campaigns are mainly marketing propaganda to encourage purchase, they also have some advantage to them like price cuts of which you can take advantage of. Purchasing at these right periods can save you money compared to buying your products on regular days on their normal retail price.

Yes, there are numerous ways to save money making your desired Lacoste polo affordable for your budget. Remember to be open for different purchase options and look into different markets to compare retail prices for your desired product. Through this, you can find affordable Lacoste polo for your fashion interests.

History Of The Polo Shirt

History is witness that only a few styles of clothes have stood the test of time. Amongst those few, a handful have stood out and defined and on many occasions, re-defined modern casual clothing. Undisputedly, we are talking about the Polo Shirt. A style sported by many across the globe. Practically any and every brand that claims to be in the lifestyle apparel space has its range of Polos and why shouldn’t they? It’s turned out to be a style that simply cannot be ignored. We’ve often wondered how this style came into being. Who designed it?, Who first introduced it? In which part of the world did it become famous? We decided to deep dive and find out some facts of our own.

The 19th Century. It all started there. (Damn! That was our first reaction too. Who knew eh?). Wait till we give you another stunner. Manipur – India. (DAMN! Keeps getting better). British Soldiers stationed in India witnessed a match of the game (polo), wherein 2 teams on horsebacks play against one another with the objective of scoring goals against each other. The game got appreciated to quite an extent so much as the soldiers decided to go ahead and form first Polo Club of its time. Over a period of time, the sport became fairly popular amongst Soldiers and British Tea Planters. Just like any other popular sport, people started paying attention to the sports dress code. The traditional attire, at that time, consisted of a thick long sleeved shirt made up of cotton. As royal as it looked, it turned out to be quite uncomfortable as the collar kept flapping while galloping on the field. Officially the sport got introduced to England in 1862.

At the end of the 19th Century, one of the grandsons of the famous Brooks Brothers, John E-book came to England on account of some work. While watching a Polo game he noticed something peculiar about the player’s shirts. He noticed that they had buttoned down the shirt so as to prevent them from flapping. Realizing a truly unique and interesting opportunity here John took the idea back to the Brooks Brothers where they applied button-down collars to dress shirts. Boom! Once introduce in 1896 this button-down shirt become a style that changed the face of menswear forever. Termed to be the most imitated item in fashion history, the Brooks Brothers still call their shirt the original Polo-Shirt.

Another person responsible for making the style for legendary French tennis player Jean Rene Lacoste. The credit of inventing the modern polo is usually given to him. Similar to Polo players, tennis attire was highly impractical at that time. Can you imagine Tennis played in long sleeved, button up shirts (usually worn with sleeves rolled up)? Not kidding… it happened and for quite some time. Lacoste using his status and ranking decided to change that. Thus after a lot of work, what we know as the modern polo shirt, was officially introduced.

FREECULTR has a wide range of polos across several styles and colors ranging from Regular Pique Polo, Feather light Pique, Jersey Polo, Pique Stretch Polo and many more. FREECULTR Polos, with their iconic and subtle branding have proved to be a category winner in less than just 2 years of launching this iconic style. Happy Shopping.

Matthew Jone is a writer who specializes in lifestyle apparel, clothing and fashion accessories. He also works as a designer consultant for many fashion industries across countries. As an expert, he shares his views on the latest trends pertaining to online shopping, men polo shirts [http://www.freecultr.com/men/polos] via blogs and articles.

Add Style to Your Personality by Wearing Lacoste Polo Shirts

Looks does matter in today’s competitive world. You need to look good and smart whether you are attaining an office conference, party or any get-together. It can add to your advantage. There are a number of things that you need to consider if you want to look charming and elegant. Shoe, costume, accessory, jewelry, make-up, perfume, everything plays an important role in making you beautiful and attractive. Men as well as women are becoming more and more conscious about their looks.

They are going to any extent to get that perfect look. Men’s fashion world is full with trendy and elegant costumes of different styles and colors. There is something for everyone. From party -wear, corporate costume to casual t-shirt, you can find almost all these in most of the men’s fashion store. But before choosing one, you need to make it sure that it is reputed and offers quality items. Budget is surely an important issue to consider. Style and comfort are two of the most important factors that you need to consider while buying a costume. Lacoste polo shirts are gaining much popularity. They are one of the oldest sports shirts brands in the men’s fashion world. Apart from polo players, golfers and tennis players, many common people also love to put on this stylish and attractive shirt to look elegant and sophisticated. It can add more beauty to your personality.

Lacoste polo shirts are not new. In fact, they have gained popularity since 1926, after the fabulous victory of Rene Lacoste in the US Open Tennis Championship. He wore this shirt, designed with different style and highly improved quality fabric during the tournament. The (white buttoned-up) long-sleeved shirts worn by the players were uncomfortable and boring. Rene wanted to wear something stylish and comfortable. To bring a change in the sports costume, he designed a new and trendy shirt, which was created from cotton, weaved lightly to provide comfort. It became quite popular among the fashionable men and sportspersons.

With the change of time, new and innovative designs are brought in the Lacoste shirts. Now, it comes in different styles, designs and colors, both sophisticated and trendy. The loosely-knit stylish Lacoste polo shirts are stylish. They feature flat, soft and open collars. These trendy and sophisticated shirts are designed with longer nails.

Lacoste Polo Shirts comes in a wide range of sizes and self-colors. They are designed from the finest and improved quality fabrics, either in synthetic and cotton mix or 100 % cotton. These shirts can be easily maintained. They can be washed easily. The best part is that, there are less chances of fading in color of the Lacoste shirts.

What Is the Fascination With Ralph Lauren Polo Boots?

Ralph Lauren started in the clothing business as a tie designer and manufacturer. He then moved into clothing and developed a line called “Polo”, which was a design for a specific crowd of people called “preppy”. The preppy phrase has long ago diminished in use but Ralph Lauren “Polo” has not. Why would you think that the designs are still being manufactured, but the phrase of preppy is long gone?

The Ralph Lauren “Polo” company manufactures good quality clothes that are distinguished as local staple of the “preppy” crowd. People who were not in the crowd still wanted to be distinguished so they started buying the “Polo” brand. Ralph Lauren then went into designing boots and children’s clothing.
The fascination with these boots is what is addressed.

Why do people like Polo boots and continue to buy them today. These boots are designed and fabricated with the upmost care. The artisanship is next to none and the quality of the product is fabulous. These boots, if taken care of, will last for many years and still look as fashionable as when they were first purchased. Realizing that these boots are expensive most people would not buy them in this economy, but if they lasted many years would they be the best buy? Yes they sure would!

Within the past 2 years, we have bought boots and would get no more than 6 months wear out of them due to poor quality. I finally decided if I am going to pay over $200 for boots I might as well get Ralph Lauren Polo boot brand and try them out. We are well over six months with these boots and they look and wear well. They are comfortable and are worn for over 8 hours a day consistently. These are men’s ankle boots and retail for over $130.

When Lauren went into designing women’s boots they did not give up style and comfort. Yes, the women’s boots are expensive but just like the men’s boots we purchased, they were of high quality and these women’s boots were under $300 and they were comfortable and stylish. These boots are still in good shape today after 6 months of wear. I know I will get at least 2 seasons out of them or more. The style of these boots will never go out of fashion, as they are simplistic yet elegant.

Ralph Lauren Polo boots are the most elegant, stylish boots. They are rugged enough for everyday wear but stylish enough for evening wear. These boots are unique in quality and artisanship. They are second to none the best buy in fashion boots. This is why I am saying that most people love the Polo name because it is synonymous to quality and durability. I believe that the fascination with these fashionable designer’s Polo boots is not only the designer but the craftsmanship, design and durability. Be in style all year round with Ralph Lauren Polo Boots. Check out more information about Ralph Lauren Polo Boots on the web.

Men’s Polo Shirts – The Perfect Transitional Garment

There are few items that you can wear every day, regardless of the season, that never seem to lose their street credibility. The polo shirt is one of them. A fashion classic, the garment has gained a major following among many trend-setting communities.

Let’s take a look at how the item came to be known as a polo shirt and how it soon gained its ground around the world.

Another name for the polo shirt – the tennis shirt – gives a lot away about its origins. Pioneered by Rene Lacoste in the late 1920s, the French tennis champion designed the garment to replace classic tennis whites (long-sleeved white button-up shirts, flannel trousers and ties) with something a lot more appropriate and comfortable for players. His fame grew with the help of his logo, the now famous Crocodile. After retiring from his career in tennis, Lacoste teamed up with a clothing merchandiser to push the shirt in European and North American markets. Gradually, polo players overtook the trend as their previous attire was also found to be outdated and unsuited to games.

In the 1970s, Ralph Lauren produced his version of the shirt that further spread its international acclaim.

Nowadays, tennis shirts are widely used in uniforms due to their smart casual appearance. School children sport polo shirts with their school’s logo, as do workers in the retail industry. As it’s seen as a smarter alternative to the classic T-shirt, the polo can be worn to occasions that adhere to the smart casual dress code.

Learn how to style a tennis shirt for any season, be it a particularly chilly winter or a pleasantly sunny summer.

Autumn and Winter

In the chillier months of the year, polo shirts are great for layering. Team the shirt with a V-neck woolen jumper or a long-sleeved jersey shirt. Its collar will look great peeking out. Wear the ensemble with a pair of chinos or smart jeans and throw on a tweed or woolen coat with accessories such as a scarf or knitted hat. Finish of the look with a pair of sturdy leather brogues or boots.

Spring and Summer

In the spring and summer season, tennis shirts look excellent both with long trousers and shorts. Choose a striped polo shirt and team it with shorts in a block colour. Wear with flip flops for a casual, beach style look or team with classic tennis shoes or plimsolls for prim and preppy chic that ladies love.

To invest in a proper, good quality men’s polo shirt, head to more high-end high street retailers, such as AllSaints, Lacoste and Abercrombie & Fitch.